Si piensas que eres demasiado pequeño para causar impacto, intenta dormir con un mosquito en la habitación.  













El objetivo de la Actualidad Mensual es de proveer noticias seleccionadas e información sobre los eventos que suceden en Colombia. Esto no quiere decir que son las más importantes, sin embargo, la fundación intenta de manera corta y para los interesados, destacar noticias del contexto del país en el que trabajamos. Los puntos de vista no necesariamente reflejan la opinión de la fundación. Los enlaces añadidos de fuentes externas no son  previstas como respaldo de publicaciones particulares ni son las únicas fuentes de actualización, si no que conectan a el dominio público para mayor detalles y antecedentes de los encabezados. Desafortunadamente en el momento solo está disponible en Ingles, lo sentimos. 









07.09’14: Development - Bogota businessmen create foundation to promote projects for better city

Thirty large employers in Bogota have joined forces to create a foundation that seeks to promote a better future for Colombia’s capital. The believes is that the private sector can play an important role in its development “ What we will do is propose, study, counsel and support initiatives that seem worthwhile to implement. I believe that, in general, in other countries the private sector has played a more proactive role than in Colombia. This marks an important trend that we would like to also be involved with. "


12.09’14: Social - Colombian women’s network receives annual UN refugee award

A Colombian women’s rights group, whose members put their lives on the line to assist survivors of forced displacement and sexual abuse, is this year’s winner of a prestigious award presented by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


21.09’14: Environment - Bogota rally for the climate change

From London to Delhi, New York and Cape Town, millions are taking to the streets Sunday, in a 72-hour demonstration over failed climate change policies by world leaders, and ahead of Tuesday’s key climate change forum at the United Nations in New York. As world leaders try to build a momentum on climate change issues and reach a global deal by 2015, the UN meeting with 126 heads of state will aim to pledge support for curbing damaging heat-trapping emissions and the continued destruction of rainforests.


26.09’14: Politics - President Santos expresses hope for Colombian peace talks at UN

At the 69th U.N. General Assembly, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos had a message of hope for his country and the international community. President Santos mentioned the joint decision to publish the accords agreed to so far between the government and the rebel group, FARC “ Today I can tell the international community that we are closer than ever at achieving peace. The process that we have been going through in Havana for the last two years, with the FARC guerrilla, has been serious, realistic, dignified and efficient, and has concrete advances. "


29.09’14: Human rights - September declared black month in Colombia after record number of death threats

More than 150 human-rights defenders, journalists and politicians have been threatened in Colombia in less than 30 days, in the most massive intimidation campaign since peace talks began between the government and the FARC. These recent threats only add to a concerning level of threats of death and violence which have taken place this month. “ This is a black September because we have not seen a massive threat of this size since 2009 ”, the coordinator of the NGO Somos Defensores who looks out for the security of human-rights activists in Colombia, Carlos Guevara, told Efe.


30.09’14: Economics - Colombia will host the World Economic Forum in 2016

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, confirmed Tuesday that Colombia will host the World Economic Forum in 2016. The President explained that Colombia is one of the special invitees for next year in Davos and additionally given to the country, “ the headquarters of the World Economic Forum 2016. " " The appointment of Colombia to host the World Economic Forum on Latin America shows international confidence in the moment in Colombia. "


Issue: 21.09’14 - Humanrights- First world conference on indigenous peoples opens at UNheadquarters

The week of high-level events that marks the opening of the United Nations General Assembly's annual general debate kicks off today with the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP). Indigenous peoples represent remarkable diversity – more than 5,000 distinct groups in some 90 countries, making up more than 5 per cent of the world's population, some 370 million people. 

These people continue to self-identify as distinct peoples with strong links to traditional territories with their own social, economic and political systems as well as unique languages, cultures and beliefs. The World Conference is expected to result in a concise, action-oriented outcome document on the implementation the rights of indigenous peoples.

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Feature - 16.09’14: Video - Un paso hacia la paz video oficial #SoyCapaz

Can music help bring about peace in Colombia? Some of the most prominent musicians and singers in Colombia hope so. They banded together to record “Un paso por la paz”, a song which appeals for peace and harmony throughout the country. 

The lyrics of “Un paso por la paz” call on Colombians to imagine and sing for a country where war is finally a thing of the past.