Si piensas que eres demasiado pequeño para causar impacto, intenta dormir con un mosquito en la habitación.  


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El objetivo de la Actualidad Mensual es de proveer noticias seleccionadas e información sobre los eventos que suceden en Colombia. Esto no quiere decir que son las más importantes, sin embargo, la fundación intenta de manera corta y para los interesados, destacar noticias del contexto del país en el que trabajamos. Los puntos de vista no necesariamente reflejan la opinión de la fundación. Los enlaces añadidos de fuentes exteriores no son  previstas como respaldo de publicaciones particulares ni son las únicas fuentes de actualización, si no que conectan a el dominio público para mayor detalles y antecedentes de los encabezados. Desafortunadamente en el momento solo está disponible en Ingles, lo sentimos. 


07.04’14: Development - Medellin hosts the World Urban Forum

The Seventh Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF7) is taking place for the first time in Colombia. The city of Medellin hosts the forum which opened its doors April 5th and whose focus is ‘Urban Equality in Development – Cities for Life’.

The forum is an initiative of UN Habitat, the United Nations agency for human settlements, which is mandated to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.


22.04’14: Literature - Colombia pays tribute to author Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Colombia has paid tribute to its most celebrated author, Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who died on Thursday aged 87.


30.04’14: Human Rights - Colombia: Presidential candidates must champion human rights

Human rights and the fight to end impunity in Colombia must be a high priority for all candidates in the presidential elections scheduled for 25 May, Amnesty International said today in a public letter addresses to the five contenders.


12.05’14: Ecology - Colombia wins international prize for ecotourism

A prominent tourism festival named Colombia as the best ecotourism destination for 2014, local media reported Monday.

Colombia reportedly beat Russia, Sri Lanka and the Seychelles to win the coveted prize, awarded by the annual World Tourism Festival, held this year in Shanghai.


14.05’14: Law - Dispatches: A victory for Colombia’s sexual violence victims

Last week, Colombia’s senate passed an important bill that is a major step in aiding and protecting sexual violence survivors – especially those who are raped or assaulted by guerillas, paramilitaries, Colombian forces, or others in the context of the country’s decades-long conflict.


19.05’14: Diplomacy - Colombia: Peace and drugs

The peace process between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP guerillas reached the halfway mark on May 16, 2014 with a ground-breaking agreement on how to treat drug production and trafficking. This is the first peace process in history with a “drug policy” chapter.


26.05’14: Politics - Colombia election goes to run-off after right wing opposition tops poll

President JuanManuel Santos faces challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga with country split over peacetalks with FARC.

The right wing opposition candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga won most votes in Colombia’s presidential election on Sunday but fell well short of a first-round victory and will face president Juan Manuel Santos in a run-off next month.


Issue - 21.05’14: Colombia: Disaster Snapshot (as of 30 April 2014)

In the first quarter of 2014, an extreme dry season affected several areas in Colombia. The lack of precipitation led to droughts, water shortages, forest fires and access constraints due to low river water levels.

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Feature - 10.04’14: Colombia 2013 – A year of supporting victims

Jordi Raich, head of the ICRC delegation in Colombia, describes the human cost of violence, the challenges faced by the ICRC, and the outlook for a country anticipating the end of the conflict but facing the prospect of ongoing violence waged by criminal gangs.