Si piensas que eres demasiado pequeño para causar impacto, intenta dormir con un mosquito en la habitación.  


JUNIO, 2014

El objetivo de la Actualidad Mensual es de proveer noticias seleccionadas e información sobre los eventos que suceden en Colombia. Esto no quiere decir que son las más importantes, sin embargo, la fundación intenta de manera corta y para los interesados, destacar noticias del contexto del país en el que trabajamos. Los puntos de vista no necesariamente reflejan la opinión de la fundación. Los enlaces añadidos de fuentes externas no son  previstas como respaldo de publicaciones particulares ni son las únicas fuentes de actualización, si no que conectan a el dominio público para mayor detalles y antecedentes de los encabezados. Desafortunadamente en el momento solo está disponible en Ingles, lo sentimos. 


16.06’14: Politics - Colombia’s election, Santos wins

On June 15th Colombian voters handed President Juan Manuel Santos mandate to continue his efforts to negotiate a peace deal with leftist guerrillas and end more than a half-century of internal conflict. Mr Santos won nearly 51% of the vote in second-round elections, beating right-wing rival Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who won 45%.


16.06’14: Diplomacy - UN chief congratulates Colombians on presidential vote, voices support for peace efforts

Following confirmation that President Juan Manuel Santos has been re-elected, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today said he looks forward to continuing to work with his Government in ”efforts to promote peace, human rights and development” for all Colombians.


16.06’14: In pictures: Colombia’s displaced set up camp in Bogota


20.06’14: Human Rights - Colombia has 2nd highest rate of forced displacement in the world: UN

Colombia is home  to one of the world’s largest populations of displaced people, according to a study by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Meanwhile, the number of people displaced in Colombia fell by 32% from 2012 to 2013, according to a joint report by the Colombian government and a local NGO released earlier this month.


20.06’14: Economy - Colombia-Brazil consider closer links between Pacific Alliance and Mercosur

Colombia and Brazil’s presidents Juan Manuel Santos and Dilma Rousseff met in Brasilia to address regional and bilateral affairs and the possibility of closer links between the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur, which “are naturally complementary and do not compete among themselves”.


27.06’14: Social – Colombia’s unemployment rate lowest in 14 years: govt

Colombia’s unemployment rate decreased 0.6% in May to the lowest rate seen in 14 years, according to figures from Colombia’s national statistics agency.

In May, Colombia’s unemployment rate was 8.8%, which is a decrease of 0.6% compared to 9.4% in the same month in 2013.


Issue - 16.06’14: South America – Severe weather and floods

Heavy rains affected parts of Colombia, causing floods in four municipalities of Alto Putumayo sub-region. As of 14 June, there were 4085 people and 1032 houses affected. 

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Feature 05.07’11: Documentary - Colombia’s gold rush

Gold fever is sweeping across South America and at its most lethal in Colombia where it is fuelling the civil war.

Fault Lines travelled to Colombia to speak to the people caught in the middle - the rural workers and artisan miners who have mined for generations, and some whose ancestors were enslaved during the first gold rush centuries ago. Others are former coca farmers, put out of work by the US-led Plan Colombia.