Si piensas que eres demasiado pequeño para causar impacto, intenta dormir con un mosquito en la habitación.  


AGOSTO, 2014

El objetivo de la Actualidad Mensual es de proveer noticias seleccionadas e información sobre los eventos que suceden en Colombia. Esto no quiere decir que son las más importantes, sin embargo, la fundación intenta de manera corta y para los interesados, destacar noticias del contexto del país en el que trabajamos. Los puntos de vista no necesariamente reflejan la opinión de la fundación. Los enlaces añadidos de fuentes externas no son  previstas como respaldo de publicaciones particulares ni son las únicas fuentes de actualización, si no que conectan a el dominio público para mayor detalles y antecedentes de los encabezados. Desafortunadamente en el momento solo está disponible en Ingles, lo sentimos. 


02.08’14: Economics – Colombia overtakes Peru to become the region’s fastest-growing big economy

The country’s economy grew by 6.4% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year. Mr. Cardenas, Colombia’s finance Minister says the second quarter was strong, too. The government will be raising its growth forecast for this year from 4.7% while Peru’s predictions of growth of more than 4% this year seem too rosy.

The answer to the question “why is Colombia now faring better than Peru?” ... a mix of factors: exports, policies and investments.


07.08’14: Politics – President Juan Manuel Santos new mandate 2014-2018

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos began his presidential address by outlining the three most important focus areas of his new term: peace, equality, and education. He ended his speech repeating those very three words.

The most important part of Santos' address was not the achievements of his administration in reducing poverty and striking three partial agreements with the FARC, but his encouragement of Colombians to start thinking big, to imagine a Colombia in peace and work for it.

15.08’14: Environment and Culture – Drought in Guajira

Rather than pay money to see his stand-up show, Bogota comedian Alejandro Riaño is asking his audience to barter for their tickets by bringing towels, blankets, and diapers if they want to see him perform in Colombia’s capital this week. These household items are on a list of what the comedian believes constitute the basic needs of the people of La Guajira, an impoverished state in northern Colombia where an ongoing humanitarian crisis has been largely ignored by the Colombian government.


17.08’14: Colombia conflict victims join FARC peacetalks


22.08’14: Politics – In the framework of peace talk Colombian Government developed a Legal Framework for Peace

Meanwhile the peacetalks between Colombian Government and FARC is on-going in Havana in order to find a peaceful solution on the armed conflict a Legal Framework for Peace, approved by the Congress, sets a series of integrated transitional justice mechanisms to facilitate the negotiation, achieve a stable and lasting peace and clarify the truth about the conflict.


Issue - 19.08’14: World – World Humanitarian Day

Every year on 19 August, World Humanitarian Day is observed in memory of the victims of the attack on the United Nations' headquarters in Baghdad in 2003. Attacks on humanitarian workers are more frequent than ever. In 2013, almost 500 relief workers were assaulted in a record number of attacks.

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Feature - 07.08’14: Video – Colombia’s NationalAnthem